With Thanksgiving

It is a Thanksgiving like no other.  Anthony has survived a year in hell, emerging like the iconic phoenix from the ashes. There were moments this past year when I did not think he would make his 26th birthday earlier this month, but he did. His health is a gift from God for which there are no words so all I can do is relax into the presence of the Divine with deep joy.

As the traditional aromas of sage and pumpkin waft through my home on this special day, my mother’s heart fills with gratitude and appreciation for all those who stood by us, supporting us, encouraging us, praying for us, loving us. We would not be standing in this moment if it were not for each of them. Today, the simple act of peeling potatoes for Anthony’s favorite comfort food, mashed potatoes, becomes an opportunity to offer prayers of thanksgiving, recognizing each soul that has crossed our path bringing their unique gifts and talents to the healing process.

Anthony has enjoyed a month or so of normalcy, living once again like a happy young man. He has made new friends and has blossomed in ways I never expected. While we still have a reversal surgery to deal with next month we are thankful for where we are now. We are confident and blessed; knowing that so much good has come from this experience and that much more will follow. We have learned to trust when we could not see, to have faith when we knew not where we walked, and to believe in the power of love.

For me, for the first time, I truly know the meaning of the words, Happy Thanksgiving.