I have just come from Anthony’s hospital room where he was finally able to drift off to sleep but not until after a Xanax and a very emotional day over which he had no control from where he lay. This was the day his  ex-girlfriend’s (as he now refers to her) belongings were finally removed from his house by a group of people close to him. Between insane trips to the hospital chasing an infection and more pain, it has been an unusually hard past few weeks for Anthony. It has been complicated and knotted up in the drama of his beloved’s  announcement that she wanted to move on and gee, oh  so sorry that her timing was bad. Every abandonment issue his father “gifted” Anthony with reared up with a vengeance. Once again my heart broke right along with his.

Imagine that you are in his shoes or better yet – his oddly colored beige maybe more sort of a mustardy yellow colored hospital socks with the rubberized bottoms designed to help prevent falls. Imagine that one day you wake up to find your life changed forever because of a medical diagnosis. Imagine going to work on the nightshift at a job you really liked, but that you worked while is great pain because you were afraid you would lose your job. Imagine trying to keep your energy level high as it rapidly, uncontrollably, oozed from your being. Imagine getting up each day to find your once muscular and tanned body consume itself before your very eyes and you are only 25. Imagine the shock of waking up after surgery to find a bag of excrement stuck to your side. Imagine that the one who said she would love you forever changed her mind and left you with all the warmth and tenderness of an iceberg.

I am not looking for sympathy here. I know, we all know, that broken hearts eventually heal. I know millions of people live with ostomys.  I know Crohn’s can be a manageable disease for many and it may well be one day for Anthony, but right now it is not; he is slowly learning to live with it. This is a disease with no cure nor rhyme or reason. What I am looking for is for the readers of this blog to understand that other’s like Anthony, be it Crohn’s or cancer or Lou Gehrig’s disease, live in a world where love is the best medicine of which they need massive doses plus an army of support – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. They need all those they know to genuinely love them into a place of peace of mind and safety; they need you to be there for them no matter what, no matter how messy it gets, no matter how cranked out they are, no matter how dark the horizon looks. They need people around them who will not flinch.

I am asking you to support Anthony and others with Crohn’s by signing up today to walk with Team Greco on September 16 th here in South Bend or to form a team of your own to walk or to simply donate or to just show up and wish him well on that day. It would lighten his heart to know others care enough to do something, anything to help the Crohn’s Colitis Foundation of America to find a cure.  To learn more and to sign up please go to:

Once there, just click on the box to the lower right where it says, “Join Team” or to the right side to make a donation.

Imagine there is a cure.


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