Friends of the Paralytic

One of my favorite Bible stories is found in Mark, Chapter 2.  You know this one – the paralytic (we’ll call him Randy) wants to go see Jesus who happens to be in town that day, but the crowd near where The Lord is, is so huge that Randy fears he won’t make it. The poor guy is confined to his strethcher / bed which is not the best mode of travel under normal circumstances, let alone through a teeming throng of Jesus groupies.  So, his friends agree to get him to Jesus. They not only get him there, but when they  realize the only way to get Randy right under Jesus’ nose is to lower  him, bed and all, down through the roof, they don’t quibble, they just do it.  I  imagine Randy’s response – “You’re gonna do what?!”   Well, do it they did. These oft overlooked friends in the story from long ago, lower Randy down right smack in front of Jesus and the rest as they say, is history. Randy is healed. The friends high five each other on a job well done albeit a bit crazy, but mission accomplished nonetheless.

Sometimes we need our friends to carry us when we are paralyzed by the unknown. Sometimes we need our friends to help get past the teeming obstacles of frear, lack of information, a missed diagnosis or just the daily junk that so easily besets us and hampers our ability to be fully in the presence of Divine Love and healing.  We need help to get to the place where we need to be.   Yes, sometimes, even though we may typically be strong and in control, we need to be carried. We need to trust  we won’t be dropped.

During  this past week some amazing friends have appeared to help lift Anthony’s “stretcher” and to carry him right up to The Lord.  Friends of long standing and friends I have just met – each  stepping forward to offer the very best “medicine” Anthony needs right now; prayer.  Our deepest thanks go to Michiana Christian Community Church, St. Joseph Parish in South Bend, Unity Church of Peace in South Bend, Silent Unity in Kansas City, MO, many, many friends and some of the most stawart prayer warriors I know – the Housekeeping Team at Bethel College.  All have placed Anthony and his medical team on their prayer lists. Each one believing and affirming his healing.

I want to also thank Jeremy and his mom, Trudy; friends in the Crohn’s community that I have yet to meet face to face but we have texted and spoken with. Jeremy has Crohn’s  and is Anthony’s age; he has not hesitated to become Anth’s guide along this journey. Trudy has become a lifeline for me – a text or call away as I sit in the hospital waiting, waiting, waiting. They are angels to Anthony and me.

Everyone mentioned in this post has come along side us, extended their hand, lifted the “stretcher.”  As a mom, I am so very grateful. My lesson today was trust; trust that the bearers would safely deliver Anthony into the presence of The Great Physician.

And so it is when you have the kind of friends Randy had – friends of Biblical proportion.




2 thoughts on “Friends of the Paralytic

  1. This is good news. It’s pay back you know. Where would I be without you? You are reaping the blessings you have sowed. God is truly blessing you and Anthony in new ways; new friends. His strength and blessings are perfect in weakness.

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